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Set of 6 DP 84.5mm Race Series Pistons for VW R32 V6 - 20mm tool steel pin

Set of 6 Race Series Pistons, manufactured by DP Engine Parts in Greece.

Suitable for VW Audi VAG R32 V6 engine.

  • Bore size: 84.5mm
  • Compression Height: OEM
  • Pin Diameter: 20mm
  • Compression Ratio: 9.0 – 9.2:1

Parts included: Each set of Race Series pistons is supplied with rings, Tool Steel gudgeon pins (2000mpa strength) and circlips.

Please note: A general DP piston photo has been used for this listing, please contact us if you would like actual photos of these pistons sending over.

£1,080 inc. VAT

About DP Engine Parts – Pistons

Many years of experience in the research and design of racing pistons have led DP Engine Parts to develop and manufacture a superior quality range of high performance forged pistons.

Through a combination of accurate design and manufacturing processes, the utilisation of the latest CAD and FEA analysis software, machining on exact tolerances and the internal extra machining for maximum weight reduction, DP ensure maximum reliability and performance.

DP Engine Parts have proven their reliability time and time again in motorbikes, street cars, high performance cars, track cars, race cars and drag cars – many of which hold world records.

All DP pistons are individually inspected to the highest of standards. They are vapour blasted and shot peened internally, not only to relieve stress, but also to show any imperfections that could lead to the forging being rejected as not being suitable to DP’s exacting standards. They are heat-treated and artificially aged to allow the piston to meet the highest T6 specification.

Finally, they are hand finished and individually weighed and grouped into balanced engine sets, with tolerances held so tight, it is not unusual to have less than 0.3 grams between a set of pistons.

Additionally, DP pistons come with the highest specification rings, sourced from a world leading ring manufacturer who supplies the F1 racing teams.

*DP Engine Parts are used in the World’s Fastest Toyota MR2*

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