Car Technician: Tom ‘Essex’ Ewers

DSC_0319Name: Tom ‘Essex’ Ewers

Hometown: Maldon, Essex

Hobbies & Interests: I do a lot of skiing and used to race for my University at National and International slalom competitions.
I used to play a lot of football (don’t care much for watching it though) and am now a qualified referee.
I like modifying cars, but unfortunately I have a tendency to prefer Vauxhalls.

Details of your Motorsport Career to date: Joined Century in 2015 as second mechanic in British GT and Ginetta GT4 Supercup.
First mechanic in MRF Challenge 2015/16.
Second mechanic in the Dubai 24H 2016.
First mechanic in 2016 British GT and Ginetta GT4 Supercup.

Favourite Event? I prefer the format of the Ginetta Supercup over British GT, although the variety in the GT races along with the excitement of the pit stops does make up for it. On balance though I prefer the Supercup due to it’s competitive nature and the racing it produces.

Favourite Race Car? Cleland’s Vectra BTCC Supertourer.

Best Result? 1st place in the Dubai 24H race. A lot more than 24 hours went into it and to come away with a victory made it all the more worthwhile.

Current Road car: Vauxhall Astra Coupe Turbo

If you could have any road car, what would it be and why? The impossible question. Money no object, the next car I would buy would be a supercharged Vauxhall VXR8, maybe even in estate form for extra dog transport points except I don’t have a dog…

Whats on your iPod? *Editors note: Unfortunately, like Benzo, Essex still hasn’t come around to the fact that if you haven’t got an iPod, or Apple device, nothing else is worth even talking about…

The most random thing you carry in your Toolbox / Laptop Bag to events?! Everything has it’s purpose however I have two G55 skidplates in my toolbox for some reason. One day they shall become useful.