Car Technician: Andrew Balfour

DSC_0308Name: Andrew Balfour
Hometown: Southampton

Hobbies & Interests: Music, films, spending rare time with family

Details of your Motorsport Career to date: To much to list, I’ve been doing this many years and over those years have worked in most forms of racing, cars and bikes, in alot of countries around the world, I particularly love Endurance racing as it’s more of a team effort. My dream is to win Le Mans, I have been many times and have come close, so unfinished business there.

Favourite Event? 24 Hours of Le man or Sebring 12 Hours

Favourite Race Car? GT1 Dodge Viper, proper old school muscle.

Best Result? Many to choose from but the highlight of this year was helping Century win the Dubai 24H in Class SP3, where I was one of very few members of the team to have ever done a 24 Hour race before. Oh and winning the British GT Championship in 2008.

Current Road car: Honda accord

If you could have any road car, what would it be and why? I’ve been fortunate enough to drive many super cars over the years, but my Honda just gets the job done, having driven a 90’s F1 car in anger, no road car would come close, so I just sit back and cruise now. Plus my true love is motorbikes, again no car can compare.

Whats on your iPod? Everything from classical to thrash metal.

The most random thing you carry in your Toolbox / Laptop Bag to events?! A zues book engineering tables.

Tell us something surprising about yourself? I’m an avid reader of classical literature