Ben Tuck

Name: Ben Tuck

Championship: British GT

Height: 5 foot 10

Website: www.bentuck.com

Hometown: Sandy, Bedfordshire

Profession: University student (Bournemouth) & Race Instructor 

Hobbies: Gym, football, tennis, golf, skiing.

Interests: Music, sports.

Current road car: Renault Clio

Current race car: BMW M4 GT4

Sponsors: Aviamics, Saturn Systems, Trafalgar Technical Solutions, Vireal, Bamb, Engine Room Websites.

Highlight of your racing career: 2x win at spa in the 24h prototype series in a Ginetta G57-P2 

Which event are you looking forward to most this year? Spa

Tell us something surprising about yourself: I was once black belt at karate 

What would be the most random thing you take with you on a race weekend? My pillow

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